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Food colour Amaranth is a purplish-red (blackcurrant) synthetic coal tar or azo dye found in ice creams, gravy granules, jams, jelly, tinned fruit pie fillings and prawns and packeted cake mixes, soups and trifles.

amaranth is replaced by Allura red in USA, where it is banned.

C.I. No.  16185 
FD&C No. Red 2
E.E.C No.    E 123
C.I. Food Colour No. Red 9
C.A.S No.          915-67-3
Other Names fd&c red 2, c.i. food red 9, e123, acid red 27 , AMARANTHUM, Amarant, Brilliant Bordeau B, Bordeaux S, Lebensmittelrot 3, Naphtholrot S, Viktoria rubin O
Chemical Name Trisodium-2- hydroxyl -1-(4-sulphonato- 1-napthylazo) napthelene- 3-6-disulfonate


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